How To Compile Qt with Visual Studio

This post is a step-by-step guide on how to compile Qt 4.x.x with MSVC 2010.

Although we use Qt 4.7.1 as an example (for historical reasons), you can also find suggestions on building newer versions of Qt by MSVC 2012 and even by Intel Compiler for both platforms x86 and x64. All kudos go to numerous contributors, who spend their time to do all the tweaking and testing (see updates below).

In particular there are instructions on how to build Qt 5 for x64 platform contributed by Vincenzo Mercuri.

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Digital Filters by Richard Hamming

This book showed me the beauty of digital signal processing, introduced magical world of filter design. Back then I was struggling with modern DSP books, which mostly focusing on facts and definitions (or even worse – Matlab) rather than underlying ideas and concepts.

Hamming’s book is of different kind. It starts slowly with several examples from numerical analysis – smoothing, differentiation, integration. All of them are based on polynomial interpolation which gives us very little freedom in building different methods with different properties tailored for particular application. All we can get is approximation order in terms of sampling step $h$. And, well … that is it. Not much really.
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Rikugien Garden

Just few pics from Rikugien Garden.

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Hanami means “flower viewing” (hana – flower, mi – see) – ancient Japanese tradition to contemplate the beautiful blooming sakura over the nice cup of green tea beer with friends. I think it is one of the most important social events for every Japanese during the year. It is very much like Christmas in Western culture. Time to meet with you friends, relatives, let the bad steam off, recharge you cells and go back to crazy pace of everyday life.

Blooming Sakura
Blooming Sakura

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Odawara Castle in the spring

There is a nice place to visit in spring nearby Tokyo – Odawara. It is directly reached by train from Tokyo and perfectly suits for one day trip. Odawara Castle is one of the many interesting places in this area. I publish just one picture I really like.

Odawara Castle in spring

Odawara Castle in the spring

Other popular tourists spots are:  Ishigakiyama Ichiyajo Historical Park, Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History. Detailed description of the Odawara highlights as well as events schedule can be found here.

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Harbor Future 21 of Yokohama

Minato Mirai 21 (“Harbor Future” in English) is a nice place to spend weekend for those who don’t want to go far from Tokyo but still want to experience very special and totally different atmosphere of the city.

Yokohama is the exception among Japanese cities thanks to strong historical influence of tight relations (overseas trade, etc.) with other countries over the time. As a consequence it least reminds “classic” Japanese town having European layout, architecture, broad streets, parks, etc. Foreigners come here to feel themselves at home driven by unavoidable nostalgia in fall.

Well organized team of Santa Clauses working hard to deliver presents to (or maybe from) jewelry store.

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Rock Tatami of Nagatoro

Nagatoro is a small country town in Saitama Prefecture famous for its magnificent sights of blooming sakura, rock cliffs of Arakawa River ravine, legendary mountain Hodo-san (name literally means “mountain which stops fire”), rare weeping cherry trees, …

Last weekend I escaped from ultra-urbanized Tokyo to Nagatoro to enjoy late fall in the open air. The wheather was greeting me with solid leaden clouds and dribbling rain. So, I was able to take only few photos. Please enjoy them with me.

Arakawa River ravine
Arakawa River Ravine

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Where Tama starts its journey…

Okutama is beautiful place near Tokyo (only 2 hours by train :-)). This mountainous region is famous for its majestic sceneries, hot springs, musical caves. Here are several photos from my last trip to the source of the Tama river (Tamagawa in Japanese) in the heart of Okutama.

Tamagawa Valley

Tamagawa's Valley

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