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QuickLaTeX: Laplace Transformation Symbols

There are special commands for Laplace-Transformation Symbols in trfsigns package (see The Comprehensive $\textrm{\LaTeX}$ Symbol List, Table 81, page 40): \laplace and \Laplace . To use them with QuickLaTeX, just include trfsigns in preamble (local or global), e.g: \[ [+preamble] \usepackage{trfsigns} [/preamble] f(t) \laplace F(s) \qquad F(s) \Laplace f(t) \] results in     Can you do that with other LaTeX […]

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QuickLaTeX: tikZ graphics

QuickLaTeX is free online service which allows LaTeX usage on the web pages. QuickLaTeX supports tikZ graphics since version 3.7.1. User can insert tikZ code snippets directly on the page (in WordPress editor) between \begin{tikzpicture} ... \end{tikzpicture} commands. QuickLaTeX will render it into image and place on the page.

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