Rock Tatami of Nagatoro

Nagatoro is a small country town in Saitama Prefecture famous for its magnificent sights of blooming sakura, rock cliffs of Arakawa River ravine, legendary mountain Hodo-san (name literally means “mountain which stops fire”), rare weeping cherry trees, …

Last weekend I escaped from ultra-urbanized Tokyo to Nagatoro to enjoy late fall in the open air. The wheather was greeting me with solid leaden clouds and dribbling rain. So, I was able to take only few photos. Please enjoy them with me.

Arakawa River ravine
Arakawa River Ravine

The Whole Picture

Sakura Tunnel in Fall
Late Fall Forest

Layered Rock Cliffs
Layered Rock Cliffs

Fall Trees and Green Water Pools
Fall Trees and Green Water Pools



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