QuickLaTeX: Laplace Transformation Symbols

There are special commands for Laplace-Transformation Symbols in trfsigns package (see The Comprehensive \textrm{\LaTeX} Symbol List, Table 81, page 40): \laplace and \Laplace .

To use them with QuickLaTeX, just include trfsigns in preamble (local or global), e.g:

  f(t) \laplace F(s) \qquad F(s) \Laplace f(t)

results in

    \[   f(t) \laplace F(s) \qquad F(s) \Laplace f(t) \]

Can you do that with other LaTeX plugins for WordPress :-)?

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  1. Posted October 20, 2012 at 7:49 am | #

    Hi Pavel,

    I tried copying those couple lines of code, but I get the following


    How are you getting the display to be as sharp as wordpress.com’s latex? Are you using wordpress.org?


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