Chemistry in WordPress using QuickLaTeX

New version of QuickLaTeX is out – 3.7.7. Besides improvements in general functionality it includes special features for chemistry-oriented web sites:

  • Support of myChemistry environment \begin{rxn} ...\end{rxn} directly in the text (do not forget to include myChemistry into global/local preamble). Check examples on myChemistry home page.
  • Correct support of ChemFig package, no tikzpicture wrapping required anymore. However you have to use [latex] ... [/latex] tags to mark ChemFig code sections. We didn’t implement support ChemFig commands directly in the text since one picture can be generated using long sequence of commands, there is no way for QuickLaTeX to know where diagram starts/ends. Quick demo:

    compiles to:

       \chemname{\chemfig{R-C(-[:-30]OH)=[:30]O}}{Carboxylic\\acid} \chemsign{+} \chemname{\chemfig{R'OH}}{Alcohol} \chemrel{->} \chemname{\chemfig{R-C(-[:-30]OR')=[:30]O}}{Ester} \chemsign{+} \chemname{\chemfig{H_2O}}{Water} \chemnameinit{}

General improvements:

  • QuickLaTeX server update with newest LaTeX packages and bug fixes.
  • Several bug fixes and minor improvements in plugin.
  • Correct rendering of TikZ graphics with overlays and references to other tikz pictures

I want to thank Clemens Niederberger and Peter Cao for their help and requiest to make QuickLaTeX more chemistry-friendly.

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